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Desperate Church Wives

Canadian Comedy Award !!!



" Brilliant! Alas thought provoking, but first funny and wonderfully witty, effortlessly evoking both empathy and inspiration. This is not ONE woman, it's one AMAZING woman." Michael "Pinball" Clemons

 "I was moved to laugh and cry and almost testify to the power of this show! It's themes of judgement, forgiveness, temptation, and community are strikingly universal and speak directly to the heart- above and beyond any particular religion."  Rabbi Elyse Goldstein

"I've never seen anyone jump from one character to the next quite like her. Brilliant!"
Diane Clemons (Co-Founder Michael "Pinball" Clemons Foundations)

"A while back my husband and  I were privileged to attend a show by Diane Johnstone.  The story was taken from the book of Hosea in the Bible.   It was a brilliantly done and sheer delight!  What a skilled actress Diane is and what an amazing performance!   Playing all the characters herself, five or six if I remember correctly, she never missed a beat.  It was done with such passion and energy.  Bold and edgy, she confronted a time old situation head on.  Love it when entertainment and truth collide like it did in this play!  Don’t miss any performance Diane is involved in.  You won’t be disappointed!"
Joy Clarke
The Joshua Center

 Diane on Global, The Morning Show

Diane on 100 Huntley Street 

This show is a HIT!

Nothing brings an audience closer to a work of theatre than truth. No matter how much comic bravado a writer/performer provides, if the truth of her is not evident soon, it’s all froth. Okay, we get a lot of that in theatre and love it, but if we have a story to tell about ourselves, let’s feel, sense, touch, hear it, the truth. Ms. Johnstone delivers beautifully. This is her own tale of loss and of redemption, and as hard as we laugh, as confident we are of the presence of her. She takes us with consummate skill through all six of the main characters of her story, and then some, but when she comes to Gomer, we know who she is from the truth of her. Wonderfully abetted by skillful use sound cues and disciplined direction, Johnstone commands the space magnificently. The arc of her life’s story is sure and clear, moving through hilarious burlesque and an earthy mix of Bible and bawd, it takes its course steadily and arrives at resolution firmly in the closing scene. You’ll know and love them all, Grandma, sleepy Pastor Hortense, Clarissa the faithless betrayer, humiliated Reverend Hosea, reformed stripper Barbara, and ultimately the harlot wife, Gomer. If you waste too much time getting to 141 Park St. for one of shows left this week you may have a long line of ticket buyers ahead of you. Get a move on. This show is a HIT! - Tom Mackan, VIEW Magazine

NOW Magazine gives it 4 NNNN's & Critic's Pick!!! - 2011  "In this funny solo show, gifted character actor Diane L. Johnstone brings to life a range of churchgoing folks. . .