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Created and founded in 2002, by Diane L. Daniel, who now goes by, Diane L. Johnstone, with a goal to produce faith-based productions.


Its first production, ‘Bourgee-Bush Woman’, a solo-show, was inspired by Diane’s multi-faceted life, ‘do I want to be like the Jones’ or get back to my roots?’ From wearing African garb to designer labels, she finally figured it out, ‘just be myself ... clothes don’t make the person.’ The ultimate message of the show, ‘we think we are all so different, but we are all very much the same, and all looking for love’.  The show featured 5 characters, a British girl, a 4 year old, a bourgeois southern belle housewife, her African immigrant housekeeper, and a Stripper.  ‘It takes a village to raise a child … No man is an island’, says Shante, the African immigrant. It opened in the 2002 Toronto Fringe Festival, where critics claimed, ‘magnetic performer … distinct characters’ – NOW. Since, it has debuted in the 2007 Hamilton Fringe, where it was a ‘pick of the Fringe’. Critics claimed, ‘A performance that you don’t want to miss!’  Bourgee-Bush Woman also played in the 2008 London Fringe Festival.


In 2009, ‘Church Street, walk the talk’, opened in the Toronto Fringe Festival. The premise of the show was to open the eyes of all, Believers and non-believers, whoever it is, ‘keep your eyes on the Prize’. Often times we get hung up on everything that’s going on around us and forget the main goals. So what if there’s hypocrisy in the church, hypocrites are everywhere, ‘look in the mirror you might see one’, as Grandma Word says.  Whether you worship at a temple, mosque or church, none of them are perfect.  Why? Because people operate these institutions and people are not perfect.


This show brings back characters from the 1st show, Bourgee (the Bourgeois), and the Stripper and introduces Grandma Word, the walkin’ talkin’ bible quotin’ matriarch that tells it like it is; even if you don’t want to hear it.


‘Sex, Drugs & the Holy Ghost’, debuted in the 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival. Another one-woman show, exploring unspoken truths of sex, drugs and God, through experiences of church members; an Ex-Stripper, a snoody Deacon’s wife and 'tell it like it is', Grandma Word. “Where’s God when you sexin’ and druggin’?” "Diane has charm..." NOW    "Johnstone obviously has charisma..." Eye


This year, Diane is presenting, ‘Desperate Church Wives’, in the Toronto Fringe Festival. This solo-show is loosely based on the biblical story of Prophet Hosea and his prostitute wife, Gomer. Although a bible story, she uses today's vernacular and respectfully keeps it funny. In the show, Prophet Hosea, is a Minister. And just like in the bible, he believes God told him to marry a prostitute. But, what does everyone else think about this? Previous characters will be featured, along with new ones, including an ex-drug addicted female Pastor.

Under the Blood Productions’ future goals are to venture into television.