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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – MAY 15, 2015          

Canadian Comedy Award nominated solo-show, Desperate Church Wives, written and performed by Diane L. Johnstone.


Desperate Church Wives is centered on a Sunday school teacher getting busted for prostitution. A bible story? Well, kind of. Set in modern day, it is loosely based on the biblical story of Prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer.  In Diane's version, Prophet Hosea is a Minister, and just as in the Bible, he believes God told him to marry a prostitute, Gomer. But when one of the meddling churchgoers uncovers Gomer's secret past, the women of the congregation don't exactly find themselves free of judgement. "That ho got to go!" In this one hour production, the writer also weaves in some of her own personal experiences.

Diane's tale of loss and redemption mirrors the story of Gomer: before embracing the church and finding her calling as an Ordained Minister, actor and writer, she worked as a stripper and lived a life that included experimenting with hard-core drugs. After opening up about her turbulent past to fellow churchgoers, Diane was met with everything from awkward silence to flat-out scorn and derision.  


Script edited by Tananarive Due, Award Winning and Best Selling Author. Tananarive Due is a former Cosby Chair for the Humanities at Spelman College, USA. She has written a dozen supernatural suspense novels, including the African Immortals series that began with My Soul to Keep. She won an American Book Award for her supernatural thriller The Living Blood, and she and Barnes (her husband) won an NAACP Image Award for the mystery novel In the Night of the Heat, also co-authored with Barnes, in collaboration with actor Blair Underwood.

In this tour-de-force performance, Diane simultaneously transitions between 6 memorable characters (with no costume changes): there's by-the-book Pastor Hortense, tell-it-like it is Grandma Word, snooty Southern-belle Clarissa, humbled Reverend Hosea, fast-talking ex-stripper Barbara, and Gomer, the persecuted harlot wife. Equal parts funny, touching, and dramatic, Desperate Church Wives is the inspirational production that proves everyone, despite their past, deserves to be loved unconditionally.


Diane L. Johnstone, U.S. & Canadian Citizen, is a stage writer/performer and Television actress living in Toronto.

2013 Canadian Comedy Award Nominee!!!

4 Ns & Critic's Pick -- NOW Magazine

"A stunningly lyrical one–woman show. Deceptively simple and breathtakingly moving. Johnstone’s intelligence and talent come shining through.

A performance that you don’t want to miss!" -- VIEW Magazine


"Brilliant! Alas thought provoking, but first funny and wonderfully witty, effortlessly evoking both empathy and inspiration. This is not ONE woman, it's one AMAZING woman.

“Michael “PINBALL” Clemons, Canadian Football Hall of Fame

"I was moved to laugh and cry and almost testify to the power of this show! It's themes of judgement, forgiveness, temptation, and community are strikingly universal and

speak directly to the heart- above and beyond any particular religion." Rabbi Elyse Goldstein, Canada’s First Female Rabbi


Desperate Church Wives

Canadian Comedy Award nominated

One-woman show
Written & Performed by Diane L. Johnstone


In the London Fringe Festival

June 4th – 13th





762 Dundas Street

London, ON





8 shows!!!

Thursday, June 4th - 8pm – 9pm

Friday, June 5th - 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Saturday, June 6th - 5pm – 6pm

Tuesday, June 9th - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday, June 10th - 9:30pm-10:30pm

Thursday, June 11th - 9:30pm-10:30pm

Friday, June 12th – 5pm-6pm

Saturday, June 13th - 8:30pm-9:30pm

No latecomers Admitted (Fringe policy)




$12– CASH only at the door

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For interviews, photos or any additional information, please contact

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For Immediate Release


Hamilton – June 26, 2012 2011 Toronto Fringe, 4 stars and Critic's Pick “Desperate Church Wives” is remounting in the Hamilton Fringe Festival, opening on Friday, July 20, 2012.


Desperate Church Wives is a one-woman show, loosely based on the biblical story of Prophet Hosea and his harlot wife, Gomer, who God told to marry. It is written and performed by Diane Johnstone. Script Consultant is Tananarive Due, Best Selling Author of "My Soul To Keep".    


Question, what would you think if you heard of a Minister, a Priest, a Rabbi, who’s wife gets busted for prostitution? Well, the church women are upset! "That hoe has to go!!!" Desperate Church Wives, explores the fact that everyone has something to deal with and no matter what, God loves us unconditionally. Diane brings back her former characters, Grandma Word, who tells it like it is, snooty Southern-belle Clarissa and the fast talking ex-stripper, Barbara, to this church meetin’ where refreshments are served and audience participation is encouraged - a little clappin', a little singin'.


"In this funny show, gifted character actor Diane L. Johnstone brings to life a range of churchgoing folks, from a wise-cracking granny to an ex-stripper with attitude. The story is an update of the Biblical tale of Hosea - a prophet who marries a prostitute on God's command - set within the microcosm of a chuch meeting. Johnstone uses the action to tease out important issues like abortion, infidelity and how people get defined by their past ... feels very real". Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine


"highly encourages everyone to check out Desperate Church Wives. It is why the Fringe was created. Simple, site specific, no lights, just great acting." Winston Soon, Mooney on Theatre 


"Magnetic performer" Diane Johnstone (aka Diane L. Daniel) has been seen on both stage and screen. Her first feature film was as Marge, in The Rev, a Sunny Days Production and has since appeared on CTV’s, The Listener, Kenny Robinson’s All Night Jam, which aired on the Comedy Network. Diane’s favorite stage credits include starring in the very successful Da Kink in My Hair (Toronto and the Atlantic Fringe Festivals), She Never Bought Me an Easy Bake Oven (Toronto Fringe Festival), her solo shows Bourgee-Bush Woman, (2007 Pick of the Hamilton Fringe - 'a performance you don't want to miss' - VIEW), Church Street, walk the talk, Sex, Drugs and the Holy Ghost (Toronto, Hamilton and London Fringe Festivals).


Venue: 141 Park Street N. (@Mulberry & Bay N.), Hamilton, ON L8R 2N4

Friday, July 20th – 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Saturday, July 21st – 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Sunday, July 22nd – 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Wednesday, July 25th – 9:30pm – 10:30pm
Friday, July 27th – 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday, July 28th – 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Sunday, July 29th – 1pm – 2pm

Fringe policy, no late comers admitted


$9 Cash only at the door  Advance tickets -
Must have "Fringe Backer Button" a one time $4 cost for admittance to any show.


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Diane Johnstone